Crushing Corona Virus Outbreak

Coronavirus disease outbreak (COVID-19) – warning alarm message statistic

Across the world throughout the various medias we are encouraged to adhere to vital instructions concerning the recent outbreak of the corona virus. As information about the COVID-19 increases we can see the various measures the governmental authorities are taking to minimize the epidemic. At this time there is so much to be done both on the physical side and on the spiritual. As it becomes everyone’s responsibility to help to stop this evil virus, there are those in the various capacity of the medical field who are on the front line and we must pray for their safety. Even though many churches have closed their doors so as to help minimize the spread of this virus it is the Christian’s duty to rise to the front line of the spiritual battle and pray, hear from God so wise spiritual counsel can be given. At this time it is also very wise for us to hear from God than to be panicking The true prophet at this time must stay before God hear and exercise their role by exhorting, edifying and comforting the nations by the word of God so as to increase hope and create stability.

We realize that practicing good hygiene at this time is paramount We need to wash hands regularly and sanitize our environment very often. Many people have began to stack up on food items and sanitation items. Some have rushed to buy a lot of items out of panic while some with clearer understanding assess the measures and are doing what is necessary. Social distancing is encouraged which is another best practice, has its impact on many businesses which now have even started to experience reduction of customers. Medical personnel have encouraged social distancing because they realized that this is one factor that can minimize the spread of the virus. In many business that are still operational customers are to limit themselves to a certain number at a given time and they should not be in close proximity. Medical personnel are also giving instructions about certain home remedies that can help boost our immune system to help fight the impact of the corona virus. People are encouraged to call the doctor instead of going in for a visit. They would describe their symptoms on the phone and the doctors would let them know if they have contracted the virus. This is another way of minimizing the spread of COVID-19

On the spiritual level, first we pray for those in leadership that they will allow their hearts will be govern by God for the will of God to be done. Remember they are humans and they need spiritual guidance from Jesus Christ. Even though many church buildings are closed as Christians we still have the spiritual authority to pray for our nations. When war was set out against Israel and they were about to go to the battle, the instruction was given to “send Judah first”. They would not deal with the physical battle before deal with it in the spiritual. The cause the intervention of the Almighty God by their praise and worship. It is the duty of the Christians wherever we are to increase our prayers, send Judah first by our praise and worship to cut off this COVID-19 plague. Let us pary for forgiveness and mercies so that the Lord God Himself will justify us and take away the sins that stand before our nations

We have already seen the many negative impacts this virus have caused. It affects national and international trade, stock market, airline industry, people’s vacation and business travel.

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It also affect the regular buying as many items are no longer in stores because they are sold out and the flow of incoming good are hindered. Deuteronomy 8: 18 “But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth” We must call upon the Lord to end this plague. There are also those who suffer the loss of love ones because of the corona virus. There are those who are in isolation and they may feel imprisoned at this time. There are those who have various underline illness that the corona virus might affect. Many who are not sure if they have gotten the virus have self-quarantined because they might have come in contact with other who have the virus. We must pray for peace of mind in these troubled times.

I wrote in the first paragraph that there are so much to be done First we have to remember to take care of ourselves and at the same time we can’t be selfish either. The care for those who are placed in home care and are away from family members can be a concern for some family members who might not be able to visit because of restrictions, care worker we encourage you to be kind and gentle in the moment of frustration. How can the communication between those in home care and their love ones be taken care of? Well technology can be a blessing because there can be video calls done to assure both parties see each other, comfort each other and create a peace of mind. The personnel working in these home care facilities have to remember their responsibilities on and off the job. Many home care workers may face increase stress therefore we must pray for them. Those who work in the prison system face their amount of challenges on off the job. They need to take all necessary precautions to keep facilities virus free. There are those without a job and their rent or mortgage can’t be paid.

May this coronavirus be a thing of the pass and no more lost of lives will be heard. May we learn from this as it came suddenly upon us, the same way Jesus will put in his appearance. I pray that there will be a sudden turn around hearts in our economy. I pray that our hearts are humbled by this and that we come to the full understanding that we all need each other. I pray that all those will use this Corona virus for political mileage will see the important picture of the value of life than selfish gain.

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As we pray remember these people below:

Police Officers, Firefighters, EMS (Personnel), Military, Nurses, Doctors, Janitors, Home-Care Workers, Government (President and Prime Ministers), Delivery Workers, Drive-thru Attendants, Those Without a Job Because of The Virus. We also pray that the necessary equipment to be manufactured to combat this virus like more mask, ventilators and vaccines will be done quickly and with precision.

Here is a survival testimony on that took place in Washington State. This gives hope in defeating the coronavirus. Remember Jesus Christ is in full control because all power is given to Him in heaven and in earth and we have power to trample this virus through our prayers and wise precautions. We shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord AMEN! AMEN!

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    1. Yes it is also a time of compassion, kindness and love. Thanks for commenting jlp260. Let us lift our faith in Jesus and pray away this virus.

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