Protecting The Immune System Against COVID- 19

In this season where we are facing the challenge of COVID- 19, one of the most important things is for us to boost our immune system. Boosting our immune system is the main key in combating any illness

Even though this can be stressful times this is a moment when those of us who are off from work can get to spend more time in the presence of God. In the presence of God we can find rest, peace and joy. This rest is casting all our cares on Him so the burden will be remove. The Bible says lay aside the weight. As we begin to rest in Christ the peace will come. As this peace in God’s presence envelops us we will feel a renewal of our soul. This will cause joy to flow out of our hearts. This is the spiritual healing that has it’s positive impact on our physical bodies which is a great immune system booster.

There is another rest that is good at this time which comes through good relaxation and sleep. These have their part in repairing the body and empower the immune system for environmental pollutants a daily battle we all must fight to survive.

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While at home you can take time out to prepare foods that will help to boost your immune system. Green leafy vegetables, other vegetables and fruits are key products in boosting the immune system. A colorful dish from the various fruits and vegetable helps with different functional areas of our bodies.

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You can prepare the juice format from the vegetables and fruits too. This could be a choice to eat the vegetables and fruits or turn the fruits and vegetables into a healthy juice. The juice enters the body quicker thus enhancing the immune system much quicker.

It is also important to listen to those who are professional in their respective health field to get understanding that will help us protect our health Here is a video from Derma Kare in the Island of Jamaica that I found very beneficial. The method that is spoken of in the video will help our bodies to fight against viruses

God makes all thing good for our use and to sustain us. According to the book of Genesis 1: 29 “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat” Thank God for all His provision for our well being. I believe that the coconut oil that is expected to be use should be pure organic coconut oil.

By the healing power of Jesus Christ may our immune system be healed and be strengthened to handle the viruses we have to contend with on a daily basis.

Here is a link to some of the testimonials of the Derma Kare hard working team.

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  1. Thank you, Maurice. We dedinitely need to boost our ummune system both spiritually and physically. I like making smoothies as well and will check out the video that you posted.

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    1. I need to make some smoothies too. Thanks for reading the post. I hope you find the post informative.


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