How To Break Family Curses

The Bible says my people are destroyed because of the lack of knowledge. The first step to the process of deal with family curses is to know that curses and blessing follow through bloodline. There can be patterns of good things happening call blessings and patterns of negatives call curses. Therefore when there are patterns... Continue Reading →

The Value Of Pain

Many times in life we have passed through afflictions, disappointments, rejections and we are crushed. The questions we often asked when we think about our circumstances are, why me? why should I have to go through this? what have I done wrong? Pain is never easy. We all have received an inheritance called sin, which... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day Encouragement

A Father, Who is a father? You are a man of purpose ordained to protect and raise up tender souls You carry a picture of perfection in your heart concerning your children It's like a visionary project you will labor to bring into existence Many times you are misunderstood and labelled like other who have... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Development

As responsible citizens and part of the family of God, it is important for us to do some type of stock taking to enhance our spiritual development. We should take stock of our personal lives, our dwelling place call home and our churches. These three areas are important for our spiritual success. The success in... Continue Reading →

What Is Your Meditation

It is good when we set times to sit quietly and think about the goodness of Jesus Christ and the many things He had done for us. First, it was a privilege to be born and it is more of a greater privilege to be born again. This opportunity and promise are given to every... Continue Reading →

Half Way The Journey

Today we are privileged to step into the threshold of the sixth month of the year 2020. At the end of this month we have a closed chapter of the first half of the year. May this chapter be closed with joy, peace and victories. May the powers attacking our destiny be expired at the... Continue Reading →

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