Crushing Corona Virus Outbreak

Coronavirus disease outbreak (COVID-19) – warning alarm message statistic Across the world throughout the various medias we are encouraged to adhere to vital instructions concerning the recent outbreak of the corona virus. As information about the COVID-19 increases we can see the various measures the governmental authorities are taking to minimize the epidemic. At this... Continue Reading →

Say No To Doubt

As humans we are imperfect beings, but when we give our word or promise we expect the person we are telling to trust what we are saying and do not doubt us. It is a possibility for the word or promise we give that person to not come to pass. The Almighty God who gave... Continue Reading →

An Environment Of Peace

Seek Peace it is vitality for prosperity In the hustle and bustle of life have you ever thought about a place where you can find perfect peace? Have you ever thought of being in a place where your mind would never wonder about problems, needs or task left undone? This kind of a solace seems... Continue Reading →

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